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Manta Oyamada, a shrimpy, studious middle-school student from Tokyo, attempts a shortcut one night through the graveyard to get home after a late night of cram school. While travelling through it, he encounters Yoh Asakura and his "companions": a graveyard filled with ghosts. Yoh reveals himself to be a shaman, a medium between the world of the living and the world of the dead. Yoh also demonstrates shamans' ability to unite with ghosts to achieve a shared goal. Quickly after meeting one another, Yoh and Manta become best friends while Yoh uses his shamanic abilities to help them out through various tasks.
The Shaman Fight is a battle held once every 500 years between competing shamans to choose a winner who will become the highly sought-after "Shaman King", one who is able to contact the Great Spirit (the spirit that every soul will eventually go back to). The winner gains the ability to reshape the world in any way they want. Anna Kyoyama, Yoh's fiancée, soon enters the picture and prescribes a brutal training regimen, in order to prepare Yoh for the tournament. Thus begins the plot that will lead Yoh on a journey that will lead him to befriend Ryu, Tao Ren, Horohoro, Faust VIII, Lyserg Diethel, and Joco.
During the Shaman Fight, Yoh encounters Hao Asakura, a strong shaman who wishes to eradicate humans and create a world for shamans. At the end of the shaman battles where the remaining teams consist of Yoh and his friends, the X-Laws, and Hao's team, the remaining teams decide to forfeit the tournament crowning Hao the title of Shaman King. As Hao is led away, they decide to attack Hao during the time he is merging with the great spirit which is in a coma. To do so, Yoh and his friends must defeat The Patch Tribe members who are obliged to serve under the new Shaman King.
Once defeating the ten Patch members, Hao is awakened as the Shaman King. He defeats Yoh and all his friends and absorbs their souls. Inside the Great Spirit, Yoh, Ren, Horohoro, Lyserg, and Joco battle Hao with the five legendary spirits; The Spirit of Earth, the Spirit of Thunder, the Spirit of Rain, the Spirit of Fire and the Spirit of Wind. When associates of Yoh and his friends begin appearing in the Great Spirit, it is revealed the Great Spirit granted Hao's wish so someone may bring back his mother's spirit. With Anna's help, Hao's mother is brought to the Great Spirit. Hao's mother tells him he must forgive the Humans for murdering her in order to be saved. Hao decides to postpone his plan to eradicate humans and to observe how Yoh and his friends will change the world.
Seven years later, Hana Asakura awaits at a station for the five legendary warriors and his parents, Yoh and Anna.

    Episode 01 - Download in here                |                Episode 02 - Download in here
    Episode 03 - Download in here                |                Episode 04 - Download in here
    Episode 05 - Download in here                |                Episode 06 - Download in here
    Episode 07 - Download in here                |                Episode 08 - Download in here
    Episode 09 - Download in here                |                Episode 10 - Download in here
    Episode 11 - Download in here                |                Episode 12 - Download in here
    Episode 13 - Download in here                |                Episode 14 - Download in here
    Episode 15 - Download in here                |                Episode 16 - Download in here
    Episode 17 - Download in here                |                Episode 18 - Download in here
    Episode 19 - Download in here                |                Episode 20 - Download in here
    Episode 21 - Download in here                |                Episode 22 - Download in here
    Episode 23 - Download in here                |                Episode 24 - Download in here
    Episode 25 - Download in here                |                Episode 26 - Download in here
    Episode 27 - Download in here                |                Episode 28 - Download in here
    Episode 29 - Download in here                |                Episode 30 - Download in here
    Episode 31 - Download in here                |                Episode 32 - Download in here
    Episode 33 - Download in here                |                Episode 34 - Download in here
    Episode 35 - Download in here                |                Episode 36 - Download in here
    Episode 37 - Download in here                |                Episode 38 - Download in here
    Episode 39 - Download in here                |                Episode 40 - Download in here
    Episode 41 - Download in here                |                Episode 42 - Download in here
    Episode 43 - Download in here                |                Episode 44 - Download in here
    Episode 45 - Download in here                |                Episode 46 - Download in here
    Episode 47 - Download in here                |                Episode 48 - Download in here
    Episode 49 - Download in here                |                Episode 50 - Download in here
    Episode 51 - Download in here                |                Episode 52 - Download in here
    Episode 53 - Download in here                |                Episode 54 - Download in here
    Episode 55 - Download in here                |                Episode 56 - Download in here
    Episode 57 - Download in here                |                Episode 58 - Download in here
    Episode 59 - Download in here                |                Episode 60 - Download in here
    Episode 61 - Download in here                |                Episode 62 - Download in here
    Episode 63 - Download in here                |                Episode 64 - Download in here

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