Free Download Games Digimon World 2 (mediafire) - ad Games Digimon World 2The game is very different from the other Digimon releases since it is a totally card-based game. Players have a deck of 30 cards, consisting of Digimon, support and special digivolution cards. The digivolution concept is similar to the other games, in that players start off with a Rookie and finish with an Ultimate (missing out Fresh, In-training and Mega, although Mega Digimon appear as Ultimate). Players sacrifice Digimon in their hand in order to build up "digivolution points" or DP. When one has enough for their desired Digimon, digivolution becomes possible. This brings a new tactical element to the game: deciding which cards to sacrifice.As the game starts off players are able to choose one of three Digimon to be their first Partner card (Veemon, Hawkmon and Armadillomon). As the game progresses these partners will gain experience, become stronger and gain the ability to Armor digivolve. As this ability is used the partner loses the ability to digivolve into Champion (C) or Ultimate (U) levels. Players can have multiple partners in a deck. As the player's partners attain new ranks, they gain digi-parts, which can be used to modify partners to boosts its hit points (health), attack power or support effect. The others can be gained by beating certain opponents a certain number of times and partner fusing.

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