Free Download Games Harvest Moon for Girls (mediafire) - Free Download Games Harvest Moon for GirlsThe main character begins with a ramshackle farm and a small amount of money. Over the course of the game, the player must build a thriving farm, and become friends with the citizens of Mineral Town. Gameplay involves the acts of farming and interacting with the people the character meets, and balancing time, money, and energy.In Harvest Moon: Back to Nature, since the death of the player's grandfather, the farm has fallen into disuse and the fields have become overgrown with weeds. Once this initial obstacle is cleared, the player can then start to expand on these most basic tasks as they proceed to build up the value of their produce. There is no requirement for tasks to be performed upon starting a new game, though players have a limited number of years before being asked to leave the farm if it remains in disrepair.Time passes while players are outside buildings, and pauses inside buildings and mines. The growing of crops and raising of livestock requires daily attention and the expenditure of time. The player begins with a hammer, hoe, axe, watering can, and sickle. Upgrading the tools requires time and money, but allows the player to work more efficiently, allowing more work to be done with less energy.Energy is the other concern facing players who wish to be successful, particularly in the early stages of the game. The main character can perform a limited amount of tasks each day. Rather than displaying an energy bar, the game instead shows the character becoming more tired as he performs more tasks. Repeatedly pushing your player beyond exhaustion will result in him passing out and having to visit the local hospital. The player's maximum energy can be increased by locating hidden "power berries" scattered throughout the game world. Energy can be regained through rest, eating, or visiting the local hot springs.The weather can affect how the player completes their goals during that day. Regardless of season, most days are calm and do not cause adverse or positive affects on the player's activities. Rainfall results in crops being watered without player intervention, freeing time to pursue other goals, but at the same time, can cause the player to develop a cold, forcing him not to work for a day. Hurricanes and blizzards prevent the character from leaving his home for the day and cause the destruction of crops and the loss of certain livestock if they're left outside.

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