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Free Download Games Legend of Dragoon (mediafire)

aminkom.blogspot.com - Free Download Games Legend of DragoonThe story begins when Dart, the protagonist, is heading home from a five-year-long journey to pursue the Black Monster, who killed his parents and destroyed his birth city: Neet. On the way, he is attacked by Feyrbrand, a dragon controlled by the Sandora, a rebel faction in the Serdian civil war. After Dart gets hit by the dragon, he gets saved by a mysterious female heroine named Rose, though they soon part ways. When he arrives at his hometown, Seles, he discovers that it has been destroyed by Sandora, and that Shana, Dart’s childhood friend (and later in the game, his love interest), has been taken away. Dart sets out to rescue her. Throughout the game, he is periodically joined by people that he helps along the way.After rescuing Shana from Hellena prison with the help of the recently escaped Lavitz Slambert, the trio make their escape to the plains. Continuing their journey to reach Basil, the trio pass through a cave and encounter a snake-like monster known as Urobolus. The monster is defeated by Shana from a mysterious projected light that is emitted from her forehead, leaving the trio confused and the mystery around Shana's powers to begin. When the trio reaches Basil, they go and meet the king to explain the incident at Hellena. King Albert sends the party to defend the fort-city of Hoax against attacks from Sandora. Among the attacking Sandora is Kongol, the last survivor of a race of giants known as the Gigantos. It is in his battle with Kongol that Dart first gains his ability to transform into a Dragoon using a memento from his father that he found after his death, now revealed as the Dragoon Spirit of the Red-Eyed Dragon with the help of Rose. Kongol is injured, but survives and retreats. With the fort safe, they travel to the city of Lohan. In the city, they meet a man named Lloyd in the Heroes Tournament, supposedly the greatest swordsman in the world. Later they discover that he kidnapped King Albert and took the Moon Gem from him, an ancient artifact held by the Royal Family. Lavitz desperately tries to save King Albert, but is killed by Lloyd's Dragon Buster, a sword created by the Winglies to kill Dragons. The king is rescued and joins the party in Lavitz's place, but Lloyd gets away with the Moon Gem.They soon discover that Lloyd is gathering other artifacts held by human kings since the days of the Wingly Empire, and at the same time, causing disasters in the lands that he visits. While the party tries to reverse Lloyd’s work, Lloyd manages to obtain all three of the artifacts. Lloyd also releases and weakens the Divine Dragon, the most powerful dragon in the world. Dart and the party finish the dragon off, but Lloyd obtains its Dragoon spirit. Dart and the party finally manage to defeat Lloyd, who then agrees to take them to Emperor Diaz, ancient Emperor of Gloriano during the Dragon Campaign. After apparently betraying and killing Lloyd, Emperor Diaz reveals several things to the party.During the height of the Wingly Empire over eleven thousand years ago, a creature called the Virage Embryo, also known as the God of Destruction, came to the world to end all other life. Before it could be born, the Winglies used their magical power to separate its body from its soul, making it unable to destroy them. They then cast the body into the sky, where it became the Moon That Never Sets, and sealed it using several magical Signets, one in each of the ancient Wingly cities, to prevent the soul and body from reuniting. The soul of the God of Destruction was originally placed inside the Crystal Sphere, which was worn by the ancient Wingly ruler Melbu Frahma to increase his power. However, during the Dragon Campaign, when the Dragoons assaulted Kadessa, the flying capital city of the Ancient Winglies, the Crystal Sphere was shattered during the fight between Melbu Frahma and Zieg Feld, leader of the Dragoons.

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aminkom.blogspot.com - Free Download Games Legend of Dragoon

aminkom.blogspot.com - Free Download Games Legend of Dragoon
aminkom.blogspot.com - Free Download Games Legend of Dragoon

aminkom.blogspot.com - Free Download Games Mountain Bike Adrenaline
Disc 1 (Part 1 , Part 2 , Part 3)
Disc 2 (Part 1 , Part 2 , Part 3)
           Disc 3 (Part 1 , Part 2 , Part 3 , Part 4)
           Disc 4 (Part 1 , Part 2 , Part 3 , Part 4)

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