Free Download Games Monster Seed (mediafire) - Free Download Games Monster SeedThe whole point of the game is to raise a dragon and have it participate in battle. After acquiring high enough stats the dragons evolve into more powerful forms. There are three elemental types in the game: Fire, aqua, and storm. Fire being basic flame control, Aqua referring to water or ice ability, and Storm refers to electrical powers. Each dragon has an element it is born with, and each species of dragon has certain limitations on how many elements it can be. The elements work in a rock, paper, scissors way of play: Fire being strong against storm, but being weak to water. Storm being strong against water, but weak to fire. Water being strong against fire, but being weak to storm. The goal of the game is to raise a dragon to compete in the Arena with the aim of being the best dragonsage in the land. The higher the rank, the tougher the competition and the more prize money involved. The player can move around the map as needed, but the entirety of the game takes place within a single city. The game supports two player combat as well, with two modes, regular and quick battle. Quick battle allows for pre-registered dragons to be used as opposed to having to raise your own and is comparable to the Battle Now mode of Pokémon Colosseum.The battles of Dragon Seeds are fought in traditional 1 vs 1 matches, on a semi rotating screen between the player and the challenger's dragons. The battle is fought in turn-based rock, paper, scissors rotations with a timer that counts down during each player's phase of action. The player can command the dragon to either move forward, backward, use a physical or magical attack, defend, or taunt. The player must equip the dragon with a weapon and shield, called a reflector, for the dragon to be able to enter combat. In battle, there are 3 main positions in which the dragon can be in: Close, Mid, and Far range. Each dragon can be at max 2 ranges apart from their opponent. Only at close range can a dragon successfully perform a physical attack. At mid and far ranges, the dragon can perform magical attacks attuned with their element, or taunt. The player must choose correct judgment and a bit of luck to win battles successfully.During battle, if the player anticipates defeat, they have the option to forfeit the match. Forfeiting will cause the player to lose, but will spare their dragon's life. If the dragon's HP reaches 0, it has the possibility of dying. If the player's dragon dies during a battle it will be lost permanently, however if its DNA cell it was last in is empty it might still have the DNA remnants in it and there is a chance it can be re-synthesized to the last point it was in the cell, but it loses the weapons it had.

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