Free Download Games Persona 2 (mediafire) - Free Download Games Persona 2Persona 2's environments composed on 3-dimensional maps, with characters represented by animated bitmap sprites. The camera follows the party from an angled overhead perspective which can be rotated in 8 cardinal directions.The game's main party holds up to five people. Whenever the party is in a "safe" area (i.e. a room with no demon encounters), each party member can be conversed with. In dungeon mode, all party members besides the player character (Tatsuya or Maya) vanish, and only reappear during battle sequences. Player can trace their steps by using the Auto-Map, a basic floor plan of the current dungeon. As the main character moves around, the map will automatically mark new areas.In addition to standard equipment, each character can equip one Persona apiece; In doing so, the character combines his/her attributes with the Persona, along with its innate strengths or weaknesses. Characters will also be able to cast any magic spells that are available in that Persona's attack list. Each party member starts out with a default Persona, though they can obtain new ones at the Velvet Room, a ghostly ballroom which is accessible from any point of the city (as well as in certain dungeons). To acquire a Persona, players must first gather Tarot cards by enticing demons during battles (see Contacting demons), then exchange those cards in the Velvet Room.When a new Persona is obtained, it starts out at Rank 1. By summoning the Persona in battle (casting spells), it will increase in Rank and learn new magic. A Persona's Tarot class dictates which character will have a high "affinity" with it. A Persona equipped on someone with good affinity will consume less SP (Spirit Point, a substitution for Magic Point) than on a character with bad affinity.The Rumor system, which ties into the plotline, is an important function in Persona 2. The player can collect/exchange rumors throughout the game by interacting with Rumormongers, non-playable characters who inhabit nearly every district of the city. Once the party hears a rumor, it will not take effect until they visit the Kuzunoha Detective Agency and speak to its boss, Todoroki Daisuke. For a fee, Todoroki will spread the rumor, which will result in it becoming real. Rumors usually involve stores becoming fronts for black market weapons or armor, but the effects can vary depending on random chance. Players often have a choice of two or more possible outcomes for a rumor

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