Free Download Games RPG Maker (mediafire) - Free Download Games RPG Maker RPG fans are, generally speaking, a creative bunch. The prevalence of fan fiction and fan artwork is testament to that. After cutting their teeth on scenarios, stories, and sketches involving their favorite characters, most creatively-minded RPG fans turn to original content. Until now, those original visions would have to remain a pipe dream. But Agetec's RPG Maker lets would be-Sakaguchis can turn their mental design documents into PlayStation RPGs.The games of RPG Maker may look like traditional 16-bit RPGs, but don't let that put you off. All the tools a game-designer-in-training needs to create a super-deformed masterpiece have been provided. For those who don't mind using pre-created graphics, the game provides a large number of stock resources. To wit: 60 character graphics, 99 monster graphics, 30 magic graphics, 127 event graphics, 16 special abilities, 247 custom dungeon images, 26 dungeon backgrounds, and 251 field map images. Artists dissatisfied with the default images can use the included Anime Maker program to create custom art resources. How powerful is RPG Maker? And what sort of games can you make with it? The short answer is: very powerful, and about any 16-bit RPG you can imagine. The long answer requires a lengthy and unglamorous delving into the menus of RPG Maker. Time-sensitive readers can safely skip to the last paragraph for an overview. Anyone interested in the nuts and bolts of the first console RPG creator, however, should read onward.The game data is intelligently divided into two sections: System Data and Scenario Data. System Data includes data such as characters, environments, enemies, and magic and skill systems. Scenario data includes all "events," or quests, dialogue, and triggers. This separation allows several "scenarios" to be created for the same world, letting gamers easily create lengthy "serial" RPGs. An epic quest can use the same basic system data without across several "installments."

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