Free Download Games Spyro 2 (mediafire) - Free Download Games Spyro 2Spyro 2: Season of Flame is a platform game in which the player controls Spyro the Dragon, who must travel through the Dragon Realms and recover the stolen fireflies from the Rhynocs. The power of the fireflies is needed to restore the fire breath of Spyro and the Dragon Elders. Fireflies can be found in many places, either scurrying around in wide-open spaces or hidden behind obstacles. Fireflies can sometimes be received as rewards for performing tasks for the citizens of the Dragon Realms. Once found, the fireflies can be frozen in place by Spyro's ice breath, allowing Spyro to collect them.Much of the game takes place in the Dragon Realms, from which Spyro can access various other levels by walking through Portals. Entering a Portal will transport Spyro to a world where he will meet creatures that are troubled and/or annoyed by the invading Rhynocs. When Spyro helps these creatures, a Portal that leads out of that world will appear, allowing Spyro to return to the Dragon Realms. Some Portals can only be accessed after a certain number of fireflies have been rescued.At the beginning of the game, Spyro has the ability to breathe freezing cold air to immobilize enemies and fireflies, lower his horns and charge to penetrate fireproof metal enemies and containers, glide through the air and hover at the end of his flight to gain more hang time. By rescuing a certain number of fireflies, Spyro can regain the ability to breathe fire, and may still use his ice breath thanks to the select button. Spyro can later gain the ability to headbutt and break rock formations and barriers. During the game, Spyro can also use special gates to temporarily increase the range of his fire breath, increase the potency of his ice breath or gain the ability to breathe electricity to recharge electric generators.The main collectible item in the game is gems, which are scattered everywhere throughout the game. Some gems are hidden in baskets, vases and a variety of other types of containers. To obtain these gems, Spyro must use his flame or charge to break open the containers. Gems are needed to afford the various services of the character Moneybags.Sparx, the dragonfly that follows Spyro, acts as Spyro's health meter. Spyro begins the game with four hit points and four lives. Spyro can be harmed four times before he loses a life. Each time Spyro loses a hit point, Sparx changes color accordingly (Yellow for full health, Blue after taking one hit, green after 2 hits, and can turn pink after 3 hits if the player has unlocked extra health at some point in the game). When Spyro loses three of his four hit points, Sparx disappears. Spyro can restore hit points by feeding Sparx butterflies, which can be obtained by killing small animals such as rabbits and sheep. Occasionally, a special butterfly can be found that can give Spyro an extra life.Sparx can also give advice on how to accomplish particular challenges and hints on how to perform certain tasks. The ability to receive advice from Sparx can be toggled on and off from the pause menu.

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