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Free Download Games Tomba 2 (mediafire)

The game is based around a mission system, where the main character's (Tomba's) skills are employed to complete various tasks. Completion of a mission gives a certain amount of adventure points (AP) which are required for AP boxes which contain food (which gives you AP and restores 1 space of vitality) or items, and you may for example need 50,000 AP to open one. AP is also used to gain access to special places or information later in the game. Not all missions are necessary to progress in the game, however they are required to achieve full completion. There are 130 events (missions) in the game. Many events rely on other events to be completed. Due to the game resetting itself after the true evil pig has been captured, the last 3 events are completed right after another at the end and thus, the player can only play through the game with 127/130 complete. But, they can save the 'Seven Friends' event onto their file by using the Charity Wings or Baron after going into the pig's lair. And then all that needs to be done is use of the save point that's near the true evil pig gate.Tomba! is set on a group of islands in the middle of an ocean which do not appear on any map. Formed with great provinces in the north and smaller islands in the south, the region was home to peaceful people who lived in tranquility for many years. The island was once a beautiful place, home to birds and plantations.The protagonist is an energetic pink-haired youngster named Tomba. One day, seven evil pigs appeared, and using their magical powers, they mutated the surroundings into a bizarre landscape. The underlings of The Evil Pigs, called the Koma Pigs, stole Tomba's grandfather's bracelet and a substantial amount of gold through a strange lust for it.Tomba's quest is to fetch his bracelet, which requires trapping the Evil Pigs along the way. Trapping them involves finding the Evil Pig Bags, which are keys to entering each realm of each Evil Pig. He must also complete missions for other people to get items and the Evil Pig Bags. Some side-missions are purely for fun and irrelevant to the main storyline.

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