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Free Download Film Bernard Bear Full Series

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Bernard or (Hanguln RR: Ppaekkom; MR:. Ppaekkom, Romanized as Backkom in Asia-Pacific) is an animated short based on a fictional character who is also the polar bear as the main character. In Indonesia known as Bernard Bear. Bernard Bear is the production of the Korea-Spain-France.Each episode Bernard Bear lasted about three minutes to explain or describe a sense of curiosity about the bear (Bernard Bear) and sometimes also has moments of slapstick. Silliness, bad luck always make the audience laugh and smile Bernard himself. Bernard Bear is described as tokok character who never speaks in a voice just laughed fury of curiosity, just with it. But the whole story can be expressed by motion kocaknya. Ahihiihihi ....  

   Bernard Bear hilarity seemed typical.Bernard has been nominated for several awards, including Best Animated series in Stuttgart Animation Film Festival (2006), Mipcom Jr. Licensing Challenge Award (2004), Gifts Children and Education at the Dong-A International Festival of Cartoon & animation (2004) and was a finalist at the Annecy International Animation Festival (2003).Here are some of Bernard Bear Cartoon Collection which you can download. (link Indowebster server). And some are on Youtube. You can watch streaming video Bernard Bear Cartoon Collection here or choose to download. For streaming Bernard Bear Cartoon Collection on Youtube you can download the software with the help of IDM (Internet Download Manager).

    Episode 01 - Download in here                |                Episode 02 - Download in here
    Episode 03 - Download in here                |                Episode 04 - Download in here
    Episode 05 - Download in here                |                Episode 06 - Download in here
    Episode 07 - Download in here                |                Episode 08 - Download in here
    Episode 09 - Download in here                |                Episode 10 - Download in here
    Episode 11 - Download in here                |                Episode 12 - Download in here
    Episode 13 - Download in here                |                Episode 14 - Download in here
    Episode 15 - Download in here                |                Episode 16 - Download in here
    Episode 17 - Download in here                |                Episode 18 - Download in here
    Episode 19 - Download in here                |                Episode 20 - Download in here

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