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LET'S & GO (TAMIYA) Episode 7

aminkom.blogspot.com - LET'S & GO (TAMIYA) Episode 7

Hello friends I-Movies .. Do you remember with this anime? For those of you who used to very happy as the name tamiya, dong the same anime would know this one. Yes, that's right Let's and Go tells the story of brother and sister who loved to play tamiya ie Retsu and Go. Let's acquaintance with leaders Let's and Go!Retsu Seiba, is one atu protagonist of this anime. Behind his quiet and kalemnya, Retsu very calculating, lo! He had a great car named Sonic, very agile in across various tiger bend.Go Seiba, The Black Hair is also the main character in the cartoon and Let's Go. Seklaipun brothers, Go has a great attitude in opposition to Retsu. He is very passionate and unyielding. Unfortunately, sometimes he was careless. Go have a powerful car named Magnum was superior in a straight line.Professor Tsuchiya, not just a good-natured, Professor Tsuchiya is a great tamiya maker. He berpendaoat, secret tamiya cars greatness lies in children. To that end he gave a homemade car on children considered gifted, like Retsu and Go.Professor Ogami, Professor Ogami For the important thing is to be the strongest. Therefore, he always makes a car that can destroy other people's cars.J, is a professor Ogami men wicked, but eventually he realized and became the assistant Professor Tsuchiya. It has a flagship car that can blow air cannon, named Proto Saber.Ryo, Initially, Ryo hostile to Retsu and Go. He rarely smiles and full of secrets. Ryo is the owner Tridagger X, a great car that quickly overwhelming.Tokichi, is a friend Retsu and Go. He was a very rich man. Sometimes he makes himself at home games. He also has a car 4 wd.Jun, is a friend Retsu and Go. His father was an auto parts salesman tamiya. He possessed a mini Jeep cars.

aminkom.blogspot.com - LET'S & GO (TAMIYA) Episode 7

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