Free Download Games Dragon Valor (mediafire) - Free Download Games Dragon ValorIn Dragon Valor, the player's character is placed in a stage, with the intention to get from where they start towards the end of the stage or to defeat specific boss enemies along the way. Ultimately, the player must fight and defeat a dragon at the end of each chapter (a chapter being a series of stages leading towards the dragon) in order to clear the chapter. Along the way, players can collect items to boost their hit points, magic points, attack and defense. Players can also obtain 'tomes' after defeating specific enemies, which grants access to spells.The game's currency is Val, and players can collect this to buy recovery potions (which are used immediately upon purchase), status-improving items, or items that may be sold for Val or traded for other items later on in the game. Furthering this topic, the items that the player usually gets in a trade are status-improving items.As stated above, the protagonist changes after clearing each chapter. There are three possible paths, coinciding with the three magic swords that are found on those paths: Azoz, Soul, and Kadum. Players generally control a character for one chapter, though some characters have can be played as twice. The paths, as stated above, are chosen depending on certain triggers in the first chapter. Fulfilling the trigger in Chapter 1, for example, means that Clovis marries Celia and becomes King of Raxis, and the next player character is their son, Arlen. Not fulfilling the trigger means that Clovis instead marries Carolina, which results in the next player character being Kodel. There is a similar choice trigger as Kodel over whether or not to save Fannah in his chapter.Ragardless of the fact that the characters change every chapter, the basic commands remain almost the same, with some slight variations in how they are carried out visually being the only telltale difference.

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Disc 1 (Part 1,Part 2,Part 3)
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