Free Download Games Sailormoon (mediafire) - Free Download Games SailormoonSailor Senshi may be best described as female warriors with magical powers. They were all associated with a specific planet or heavenly body, and their powers often manifested themselves as the ability to manipulate particular elements. Their association with their celestial body was generally manifested in the form of a planetary symbol which appeared on their foreheads at certain points, or appeared as a motif in their costumes or items.In many cases, Sailor Senshi had a civilian form in which they spent most of their time. By use of an item such as a Transformation Pen or Transformation Brooch, they could assume their Sailor Senshi form at will. Although transforming into a Sailor Senshi usually involved nothing more radical than a change of outfit, outside observers were not usually able to recognize even close friends or family members once they had assumed Sailor Senshi form. The mechanism that caused this was not known, although it was just as effective upon Sailor Senshi themselves as it was upon non-Senshi.

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