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Free Download Film Ghost at School Full Series

Gakkou no Kaidan or Ghost at School (Ghost Story) the genre of horror, comedy, supernatural is the animated series that tells a story of mystery Satsuki Miyanoshita. This story begins with Satsuki move with her family to the hometown of the deceased mother. In his new home he lived next door to Hajime Aoyama. However, their first meeting impressed embarrassing kerna wrong time wrong house, underpants Satsuki accidentally seen by Hajime.

The first day of school, Rich (and his sister Satsuki's pet cat) is missing. After looking everywhere was rich in the old building into the new school. In place of that, Satsuki met Hajime (neighbor and classmate) who is very afraid of ghosts, and Kakinoki Leo (Satsuki and Hajime classmates) who knowledgeably about the ghost problem, then there is also Koigakubo Momoko (seniors Satsuki) a completely did not have the slightest fear of the ghosts. Eventually they all decided to look rich together. However, instead appearing in a variety of ghosts of the old building. Including the king of darkness, Amanojaku. They were hiding in the principal's office. Momoko who accidentally saw the photos on the wall and it turns out the photo is a picture of Satsuki's mother. And it turns out again, get to know her mother Momoko Satsuki. When trying to look at it, suddenly dropped a diary of the picture frame. Diary belonged to his mother Satsuki sewakti was in high school. The contents of the book is about a variety of spells and how to repel ghosts lull. With a book that Satsuki and her friends managed to repel Amanojaku.

Schools back peace. When Satsuki reading the diary, it turns out all the ghosts are put to sleep in the woods behind the school. However, in reality the woods behind the school was razed a few days ago, it means that all the ghosts are loose and roam freely in the school again. Unexpectedly apparently trapped in the body instead Amanojaku Rich. Compelled Satsuki and her family had to live with because they do not want to lose Amanojaku cat. Although initially Amanojaku not want to help Satsuki cast, but every Satsuki in danger, Amanojaku always help. Without realizing it, in expelling ghosts, Satsuki always helped his mother's ghost possessed Momoko body. Satsuki adventure began, along with his friends to try to euthanize all the ghosts with the help of her mother's diary.

        Episode 01 - Download in here                |                Episode 02 - Download in here
        Episode 03 - Download in here                |                Episode 04 - Download in here
        Episode 05 - Download in here                |                Episode 06 - Download in here
        Episode 07 - Download in here                |                Episode 08 - Download in here
        Episode 09 - Download in here                |                Episode 10 - Download in here
        Episode 11 - Download in here                |                Episode 12 - Download in here
        Episode 13 - Download in here                |                Episode 14 - Download in here
        Episode 15 - Download in here                |                Episode 16 - Download in here
        Episode 17 - Download in here                |                Episode 18 - Download in here
        Episode 19 - Download in here                |                Episode 20 - Download in here

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