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Slamdunk Episode 33

When entering Shohoku high school, Hanamichi wanted to take a girl's heart. On the first day a beautiful girl named Haruko Akagi ask him one question that changed my whole life Hanamichi. Haruko Akagi asks if you like basketball? Well because Hamamichi eager to make Haruko glad he decided to join the basketball team and this is where the story begins.Hanamichi did not know about basketball. He has always been the insults and scorn in the game however, because he is high and strong power lompatnya, Hanamichi be a specialist to rebound.

However, there is something unexpected Hanamichi. Haruko turned out like the contemporary Hanamichi Rukawa Kaede children are very good at playing basketball. Rukawa is a typical high school kid who was very handsome and talented in sports, especially basketball. Haruko said Rukawa very cool field.Hanamichi then being disappointed, when the refusal to celebrate Hanamichi-51, Rukawa even managed to get the award for best newcomer in high school basketball championship. Hanamichi and Rukawa are merged into one team and then become hostile both on the basketball court and in romance.As time passes, Hanamichi become better at it, he too won the hearts Haruko.

Interesting side of this anime is crita complex but entertaining. There were eternal feud between Sakuragi with his teammates, namely Rukawa. Sakuragi who feel jealous of Rukawa because Rukawa has amazing basketball skills. In addition, because Haruko very passionate about - mad at Rukawa. And of course there are plenty of events that is sure to be a funny incident stomach churn.

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